About Central Bancshares, Inc.


A Community Bank Holding Company Serving Eastern Iowa and West-Central Illinois

Central Bancshares, Inc. is a community bank holding company headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa. But what exactly is a community bank holding company? What do we do?

First and foremost, it means operating from a customer-centered point of view. At Central Bancshares, Inc., we focus our energy on providing the customers of our two banking entities the products and services they need to achieve their goals. 

The first step in any relationship is getting to know you, and in turn, allowing you to get to know us. In order to do this, we invite you to:

For those looking for additional in-depth information, the CBI Information Center section of our website will serve as a good resource.

Thank you for visiting our online home.  We look forward to meeting and serving you!